Everything started in Paris….
Straight from lab

We experienced the formula of Overnight Miracle Serum in spa salon in Paris. After all, the French basically invented the facial. If you’ve ever visited there, you’ll see how many salons they have dedicated exclusively to facials and skincare. In some areas of Paris, you’ll see one on every other street.

More than water, Marine Spring Water, the major base of the formula, retains high level of skin hydration that minimizes large pores overnight. It cocktails with natural essential oils that creates a powerful blend to restore the youthful glow of any skin. We realized immediately it can save many women from the condition of skin dehydration, large pore, loss of glow and ageing.

​​We decided to introduce this formula straight from the labs in France to the world via online. Therefore, we are able to offer 1/2 of the price for the same ingredients claims while luxury brands are charging you ( at least ) double of the price (for the same quality).

Unlike some mainstream luxury brands, we keep our packaging high quality but minimal- because we believe that you shouldn’t be paying more for layers that end up in landfill (nor should we be contributing to the recycling problem.)

Who we are

Kate Benji is a women-owned (a French and a Hongkonger) made-in-France skincare private label. We both are fond of made-in-France skincare and passionate about natural and marine active ingredients. Serum is one skincare routine we are very serious about it.  Therefore, a petite collection of serum are first to launch.

Crazy Mark-Up

When we have the insights of how crazy mark-up of luxury skincare products in Asia, we have made an unusual decision. We land our first launch of this amazing Overnight Miracle Serum in Asia. We have confidence we could bring true benefits to Asian women who adore made-in-France skin product just like us.

Impossibly French

Kate Benji的創辨人也一度飽受皮膚乾燥的困擾。由於深層缺水,她的皮膚時常發炎,變得暗啞,毛孔粗大,失去了年輕光彩。她需要定案看皮膚科醫生來控制病情。


這正是Kate Benji奇蹟保濕精華素的誕生記,故事開頭那個飽受干燥困擾的品牌創始人,她的肌膚也重獲新生。




Kate Benji 摒棄傅統護膚品牌昂貴的市場經營手法,不找經銷商,簡單的包裝,不找代言人及不以實體店舖出售,初試啼聲,以網上營運方出售,直接由法國科研中心上架出售,把成本省下,投放於成份上,希望證明中價護膚品一樣能提供奢侈護膚品的高效。而我們的臨床結果及客人的用後感,也支持品牌的消售理念。


跟品牌合作的法國科研中心,位於法國布列塔尼,在成份研發上獲獎無數,更是很多國際奢侈護膚品牌的合作伙伴,但Kate Benji 仍然堅持以中價消售奢侈護膚品的概念。



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