Everything started in Paris….
Straight from lab

We experienced the formula of Overnight Miracle Serum in spa salon in Paris. After all, the French basically invented the facial. If you’ve ever visited there, you’ll see how many salons they have dedicated exclusively to facials and skincare. In some areas of Paris, you’ll see one on every other street.

More than water, Marine Spring Water, the major base of the formula, retains high level of skin hydration that minimizes large pores overnight. It cocktails with natural essential oils that creates a powerful blend to restore the youthful glow of any skin. We realized immediately it can save many women from the condition of skin dehydration, large pore, loss of glow and ageing.

​​We decided to introduce this formula straight from the labs in France to the world via online. Therefore, we are able to offer 1/2 of the price for the same ingredients claims while luxury brands are charging you ( at least ) double of the price (for the same quality).

Unlike some mainstream luxury brands, we keep our packaging high quality but minimal- because we believe that you shouldn’t be paying more for layers that end up in landfill (nor should we be contributing to the recycling problem.)

Who we are

Kate Benji is a women-owned (a French and a Hongkonger) made-in-France skincare private label. We both are fond of made-in-France skincare and passionate about natural and marine active ingredients. Serum is one skincare routine we are very serious about it.  Therefore, a petite collection of serum are first to launch.

Crazy Mark-Up

When we have the insights of how crazy mark-up of luxury skincare products in Asia, we have made an unusual decision. We land our first launch of this amazing Overnight Miracle Serum in Asia. We have confidence we could bring true benefits to Asian women who adore made-in-France skin product just like us.

Impossibly French

We admire French Women's beauty secrets to glowing skin at any age. Kate Benji skincare product is one of the perfect resources for all the women wanting to have the French women’s complexion and delay skin ageing without resorting to surgery.


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