French complexion


You don’t have to be French women to have the flawless skin. “In France we’re about glowing, great-looking skin, so we can have this no-makeup makeup look, and it works”. 

Good skin care is far better than hiding behind a mask of makeup. Consider habits that can have an effect on your skin like diet, travel, and environmental factors first, and then apply your favourites.

Stay hydrated

"Parisian women keep their dewy glow."  Dewy skin has an almost moist appearance. It has natural oils that reflect light and create a radiance.

#Kate Benji use Marine Spring Water ( from France ) as the major base of Overnight Miracle Serum instead of water, and cocktails with essential oils. This amazing and powerful blend of serum can help you to embrace your natural dewy glow.

Coco Chanel once proclaimed: “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

‘La Beauté N’a Pas d’Âge’​
Apply Serum

Serum rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins often feature in the French skin care regimen. They help your skin rejuvenate and prevent damage caused by environmental factors. Apply serum immediately after applying toner on clean face. Use targeted serums as per the needs of your skin (such as for pigmentation, wrinkles, or fine lines).

#Kate Benji Overnight Miracle Serum of Kate Benji contains Castor oil help in restoring the skin's natural moisture balance and glow.

Botox? Never Mind

French women rarely need the services of plastic surgeons. It is very unlikely that you will meet an actress, a model, or a fashion blogger in Paris who has a fake nose, cheekbones, or lips that have fillers.

French women learn to accept themselves as they are, flaws and all. This is what makes them so unique and alive.

#Kate Benji Overnight Miracle Serum contains essential oil of Commipheroline. Its's original and non-invasive mechanism of action, based on targeted lipid storage, is an alternative to cosmetic surgery.


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