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Our Belief 

We believe in the potency of natural ingredients to unlock the glow of everyone ‘s skin. Our collaborated laboratory located in Brittany is the leading region of marine cosmetics in the world. Kate Benji has taken its inspiration from its environment to develop actives and extracts derived from algae. All the marine ingredients developed by Kate Benji are natural and adhere to the international requirements for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients. All our products are 100% made in France.

​The exceptional composition of Marine Spring Water with trace elements, which is different from sea water allows Kate Benji’s formulate skincare to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. The use of Marine Spring Water instead of regular water, a major base of any skincare formula, makes Kate Benji's key formula ingredients so active.

Our Philosophy

A vanguard in serums and skin care products, Kate Benji believes that any skin can be nourished, nurtured and revitalized to reveal a new freshness, softness and vitality - regardless of age or skin type.

Bringing 21st century philosophy to natural healing skin remedies, Kate Benji helps you restore you youthful glow by harnessing the power of essential oils, minerals and active ingredients. 

Trusting that everyone’s skin is a unique and living thing, subjected to changing stress, hormones, lifestyle and environmental conditions, we work hard to create and targeted regimes that uniquely balance, detoxify, bolster and anti-age your skin according to different conditions.

Ingredients Policy 

Your skin and the planet are both our responsibility. We limit the use of chemical additives and use as little preservatives as possible to guarantee the stability of our formulas. We use recyclable packaging and insist on adopting green production processes. We don't test on animals and adhere faithfully to regulations.

Kate Benji France’s commitment to innovation means we are continuously researching ground-breaking formulas and ingredients that can make a real difference to your skin.

Our Nature Active Ingredient 

All the marine ingredients developed by Kate Benji are natural and answer to the ISO 16128 norm for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients. Free from parabens. Suitable for use during pregnancy.