Stay Hydrated! 

This super-active hydrating formula, restores your youthful glow overnight.  A few drops, a good night's sleep and your youthful glow will return. 

9 Key performances:


  • Firms and hydrates skin

  • Prevent cellular imbalances and boosting all cell function

  • Tone and fill wrinkles

  • Reveals more radiance

  • Detoxifies the skin

  • Restore and protect moisture loss

  • Reactive stem cell

  • Restores visible skin damage and soothes the skin 

  • Prevents wrinkle occurrence.

Kate Benjji Overnight Miracle Hydrating Serum
Superactive anti-aging 

The answer to dryness, discomfort and dullness is very simple: hydration. Kate Benji's Overnight Miracle Serum soothe skin rapidly and hydrate deep down where it matters most. The use of Marine Spring Water instead of regular water, a major base of the Overnight Miracle Serum skincare formula, allows Kate Benji to claim its key formula ingredients are active. Marine Spring Water is a source of hydration and vitality.

Moisturize instantly
Firming in 14 days 
Reveals glow overnight
Minimizes pore overnight
4 Outstanding Performances
Clinical Results 

93% softer and more moisturized

94% smoother and more regenerated after applying it

92% had regained radiance

91%skin plumped

89% firmer with reduced wrinkles

98% enjoy the light gel texture

Clinical test conducted on 18 women (35-55 years old) who used the product day and night for 21 days.

Marinen Spring Water Benefits to Skin


Marine Spring Water is  favourable to skin.  It prevents the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) by stimulating the production of endogenous skin lipids; improves the circulation of water in the skin by increasing the number of hemidesmosomes (dermo-epidermal links). It improves water flow through the skin and allows for high skin hydration. 

Thanks to those combined actions, Marine Spring Water helps the skin retain an ideal hydration level.

Trace Elements boost all cell function


Marine Spring water is rich of Trace Elements and minerals which are important catalysts to all cell functions. Maintaining ideal mineral levels is key to preventing cellular imbalances and boosting all cell function. Without new cells renewing at the optimum rate skin-ageing is accelerated. Radiance is lost. Sensitivity increases.

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Natural Resin of Myrrh
Marine Spring Water 
Extracts of Red Micro-Algae 
Castor Oil
Orobanche Rapum Extract
Marine Spring Water blends with amazing natural essential oils 

As result, this lightweight gel form of serum harnesses some of the world’s most powerful natural ingredients – including Marine Spring Water drawn from France,  the essentials oils of  natural resin of Oneotherane and Commipheroline, activated by Trace Elements create a powerful blend of active ingredients that penetrate through the deepest layers of the skin, to provide an intensive anti-ageing solution for the face and neck. 

Our philosophy 

A vanguard in serums and skin care products, Kate Benji believes that any skin can be nourished, nurtured and revitalized to reveal a new freshness, softness and vitality - regardless of age or skin type.

​Trusting that everyone’s skin is a unique and living thing, subjected to changing stress, hormones, lifestyle and environmental conditions, we work hard to create and targeted regimes that uniquely balance, detoxify, bolster and anti-age your skin according to different conditions.

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